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Quince Invitations – Tips for Choosing the Best for Your Celebrations

If its time for you to be Quince anos then you must be about to start planning the celebrations. There will be probably too many preparations that needs to be done for your Quinceanera but don’t worry because if you plan the entire event, then you can have the best celebration of your life.

Many times the Quinceanera parties are as formal and large as wedding parties. Due to this, it is very important to get the best invitations for your guests and announce the event in a formal manner.

Choosing the perfect Quinceanera invitation

It is the Quince invitations that set the tone of the Quinceanera party. The invitations should be such that it reflects the theme and color of the party. If the dress of the quinceanera is pink then having a hint of pink on the invitations would be a fine idea. If the party theme is around Cinderella then choosing a Cinderella-themed invitation or an invite with a castle or a couch would be a better option.

You can also get invitations with a photo of the quinceanera girl. Make it more personal by including both the current as well as baby picture of the girl.

Choosing the Quince anos invitations ensemble

The quince invitation ensemble should have the outer envelope, invitation card, and a respond card. You can get the return address printed on the envelopes of the respond card. This would save your time. Both the inner and outer envelopes can be ordered to be filled in with the color of your preference.

If you are thinking to invite guests to the ceremony only then consider including reception cards and inner envelopes.

Ordering the invitations

The order for Quinceanera invitations need to be placed as soon as you are confirmed with the date, time and venue of the event. It is advised to make the orders and start the preparations three months ahead of the celebration party. This gives you enough time for making any necessary changes and getting the card reprinted, if required.

Mailing the invitation cards

The invitation cards can be addressed either by hand or with a printer. However, you can add more elegance to your card if you choose to hire a professional for addressing it.

It is also advised to mail the invites at least six weeks prior to the event date. This gives your guests enough time to reply and even you also get enough time to count the number of heads attending the party. This calculation is very important while ordering for party foodstuff, the number of chairs, tables, favors and so on.

Wordings on Quinceanera invitation cards

Traditionally, Quinceneara party is held by parents as a symbol of honor for their daughter. Your Quince invitations can have the names of the parents as well as Godparents. The selection of language to be written on the invitation card mainly depends on the kind of guests invited. If most of the guests are Spanish, having the cards printed in Spanish would be a good thought. However, some quinceaneras prefer to get their cards printed in both Spanish and English languages.

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